Actions, meetings, reports etc. related to ENAAT.

Press release - EU should promote peace not subsidize the arms industry! 13/09/2016
ENAAT position paper on proposal of PA on Defence research. 09/2016
Letter to the Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament, To Members of the European Parliament, concerning European Parliament Joint Motion for a Resolution on the humanitarian situation in Yemen (2016/2515(RSP)) 15/02/2016
Press release - EU Foreign Ministers must take serious action against Saudi Arabia in view of the alarming situation in Yemen, according to ENAAT members. 02/03/2016
Press release - European Union must end its military support for Israel. 04/08/2014
Open letter on export of Czech handguns and ammo to Egypt. 04/2014
ENAAT meeting 2014 in Oslo.
Press release - European arms exports to Middle East reach record high in aftermath of Arab Spring. 28/01/2014
Response of ENAAT groups: Stop arms exports to Egypt! 08/2013
ENAAT groups responses to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. 04/2013
Press Release - EU arms embargo on Syria should not be amended, say peace groups. 01/2013
Press Release - Large increase in EU arms exports but annual report is untransparent, incomplete and unpublicised. 01/2013
Press release - A betrayal of the struggle for democracy. 04/2012
Press release - Official EU report on arms exports too late and incomplete, NGOs say. 01/2012
Research report: Lessons from MENA Appraising EU transfer of military and security equipment to the Middle East and North Africa, report, November 2011
ENAAT/WRI International Seminar: War Profiteering and Peace Movement Responses - Barcelona, 29 Sep 2011 - 2 Oct 2011
Press release: European anti-arms trade network endorses international call for Israel arms embargo, July 2011
European Union arms sales soar to regions of conflict, analysis of EU arms export figures, Februari 2011
Rhetoric or Restraint?, report, November 2010
European Export Credit Agencies and the financing of arms trade, ENAAT report, July 2007
Arms deals underwritten without regard for ethics, May 14, 2007
ENAAT rejects free movement of military goods within EU, June 2006
The arms industry and the EU consitution, ENAAT report January 2006
ENAAT conference 2006, Belgium: The financial factor: Campaigns against the role of Banks & Export Credit Agencies in financing arms trade
ENAAT contribution to European Social Forum in Paris, November 2003
Belgium council of state in law suit for arms export , April 2002
EADS ethical sharholders campaign , April 2002



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