The ENAAT Network
The European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) was founded in 1984 at an international conference on arms production and military exports. ENAAT meets annually to discuss arms export policies, action strategies and new developments in military industry. Between meetings, there is a lot of informal contact to exchange information. In this way, campaigners and researchers in different European countries keep an overview of the European arms trade.

ENAAT involves groups and individuals who see the arms trade as a threat to peace, security and development. Activities vary from campaigning against the financing of arms exports by governments, banks and pension funds to lobbying for stricter export control rules. ENAAT is not a membership organisation and there is no central secretariat or overall policy. All participants have their own expertise and strategy.

Arms trade policy

The arms industry works internationally, but arms export policy remains an issue for national governments. Some countries have more restrictive policies than others. Each country has a national licensing system for the export of military and dual use goods. For European Union countries this policy has to be in line with the European Union Common Position on the control of exports of military technology and equipment. Arms export legislation is excluded from international free market treaties such as the WTO Treaty. This is reflecting the fact that arms trade is not only a matter of economy and trade but also of foreign policy and strategy.

Participation in ENAAT

Groups and individuals which wants to participate in the ENAAT can join the email list and ask for invitation for the annual ENAAT meeting.


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