The European Network Aganist Arms Trade is campaigning to halt the inclusion of arms industry research into the EU budget. No EU money should go to the arms industry! Research money should go to projects developing nonviolent ways of resolving and preventing conflicts, and in particular tackling root-causes of instability such as climate change. Follow the campaign NoEUmoney4arms at Facebook

EU arms trade browser

Figures on EU arms export are now available in a web tool from ENAAT and Campaign Against Arms Trade.

Arms for sale!
European arms companies receive orders from all corners of the earth. More and more, the arms market is a 'buyers market': This means that arms companies aggressively promote sales. Governments have special promotion agencies and arms fairs all over the world are used to attract new costumers to these deadly products.

Repression and civil war
European weapons are often exported to dictatorships or to countries at war. European weapons were used against civil populations in the Middle East and North Africa during the uprisings from 2011. They turn up in civil wars in Africa. They were used in Sri Lanka, Columbia, Libya and Georgia. Although European governments claim not to export arms to countries at war or those violating human rights, in practice European arms are sold all over the world with very little restrictions.

Transparency of information
Public information about the arms trade can be hard to find. The European Network Against Arms Trade shares information about arms exports and production. European citizens have the right to know what their governments are doing to promote sales which can be such a threat to peace and security.

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